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So, What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a gentle,pleasant process creating physical and mental relaxation and an altered state of conscious awareness. It's natural and feels a bit like daydreaming or when your mind wanders off only deeper. Whilst in this trance state, the unconscious part of your mind is available to receive the positive suggestions required to make the changes and fulfill the therapy goal.

What is Hypno-Psychotherapy?
In 1997 the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy(UKCP) formally endorsed the new term Hypno-Psychotherapy as 'the branch of psychotherapy which uses hypnosis'
It is what it says a combination of psychotherapy and hypnosis. I utilise the process of hypnotherapy in conjunction with other psychotherapeutic approaches and techniques.

What is Psychotherapy
It is a process of self discovery based upon a caring and supportive relationship between therapist and client. This treatment seeks sources of emotional conflicts thereby gaining insight into one's strengths and abilities enabling a greater self-awareness and control. My work in Psychotherapy covers many approaches and I utilise elements of these which are appropriate for you and which we agree upon. If you choose to have psychotherapy without hypnosis you can.

And Counselling?
Counselling provides a confidential relationship helping you to talk through problems and explore your resources to deal with difficult situations or crisis, encouraging growth and development in all areas of you life.

The Initial Consultation
This is where the issue or problem to be resolved is discussed and where you have the opportunity to discuss the treatment approach, the number of sessions recommended and the likely cost. It is important to have a clear aim or goal, what do you wish to achieve in therapy. So in preparation for your initial consultation it is helpful to answer the following three questions-
1. What is it I want to achieve (as a result of the therapy)?
2. How will I know when I have achieved it?
3. What will be the long-term benefits/effects of achieving this?
We begin your therapy at this session.

What Benefits can be Expected?
The aim is to help you to bring about change and to achieve your goal, with lasting and positive results.
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